Corporate Policy

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(Kopie 1)

The Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG company prides itself as a competent and efficient partner of the
international hydraulic industry with the slogan

"Local solutions for individual customers worldwide".

Our foresighted company management and corporate objectives are based on:

Customer Orientation

For many years, customer proximity and professionalism have formed the underlying foundation of our success.
We offer our customers a comprehensive standard, which meets the customer demand and is regarded by the
customer as ideal for the product and its related services.

Our goal is it to entirely fulfill the current requirements as well as future expectations of our customers and all
associated partners (employees, suppliers and the public).

We offer our customers a timely service and professional on-spot consultation through our independent
subsidiaries and global sales network.

We empower our customers by reacting fast and providing a high-level of service based on our flexible,
performance-quality oriented manufacturing and global logistics concept

Our integrated operational management system emphasizing quality, environmental protection, and industrial
safety assures the adherence to the product requirements including the relevant national and international


The corporate management commits itself and all employees:

  • to make a best possible contribution in attaining the company’s objectives,
  • to actively use the defined organization as well as the management system documentation,
  • to consistently prevent deviations and safety risks by eliminating known causes of errors and
    potential sources of danger through effective and sustained measures,
  • to minimize environmental degradation, preserve natural resources and observe all applicable
    laws and regulations,
  • to continuously improve our products, processes, and global competitiveness in terms of quality,
    environmental protection and industrial safety.


We empower the skills and talents of our employees to meet the requirements of new technologies, as well as
providing value to the markets and the society.

A substantial part in attaining our company’s goals can be only achieved through our highly motivated employees
and by the exemplary role of our managers.


We apply the same objectives related to the quality, environmental protection, and industrial safety to our
associated partners and suppliers and convey them onto their performance.